Local History

St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store was originally located on 9th street near downtown Des Moines. When the McVicar freeway (I-235) construction was started, the property was purchased by the City and the store moved to 606 Forest. It stayed at that location until 1970, when the current building at 1426 Sixth Avenue was dedicated by Bishop Daly.

The warehouse was built in 1999.

The second floor for business office and meeting room was added in 1992.

Completion of the second floor for Social Services was in 1992.


December 26, 2009, due to excessive snow fall over an extended time, the roof in the middle section of the store collapsed. Social Services and the office were temporarily moved to 610 Forest Ave for a month until we could reenter the undamaged portion of the building.

Reconstruction of the center portion of the store, the literacy center, second story, elevator and connecting corridor were completed in March of 2011, and Bishop Pates rededicated the store on July 10, 2011.