Another service, another group of citizens, another reason to support SVdP

In 2017 SVdP saw a need to assist citizens exiting the prison correctional facilities. We were blessed to receive a grant from the national council to begin our re-entry program. We began our journey by partnering with Bridges of Iowa, and Healthy Relationships Iowa and have continued to expand our services to treatment centers, DOC probationers, state correctional facilities and to the veterans domiciliary in DSM.

One of the challenges we see in working with returning citizens are parenting skills, and how to successfully parent after long times away from loved ones. Through strategic instruction, case management, and the utilization of evidence-based curriculum, we work to individually build skill sets around parenting and communication amongst families and love ones, especially for fathers facing multiple barriers to success.

Our staff goes into facilities and instructs a healthy relationship/communications course with the clients/inmates and to the families of those clients participating in the Bridges of Iowa program.

During these classes, the clients learn alternative ways to communicate, not only with romantic partners, but with those they may have conversation with both in and out of the facility they are assigned to.

Our staff has one on one conversations with clients to learn of re-entry barriers they may encounter. After receiving this information, we research areas in which the clients will be returning to and share what we discover with those requesting it. Each client receives a contact card for a SVdP staff and are invited to come and meet with us upon release to determine their needs, and to provide them with a uniform of clothing to help them on their journey.

We also make certain that clients are aware of each program and service that we offer at SVdP. We encourage them to share this information with their family/loved ones so that they too may come to us for assistance prior to the client’s release. This can help alleviate both financial and family burdens that loved ones may encounter when their friend/family member returns to their home.

Through the year we have made strong connections with other community based programs in our area.

It is very important to us that we do not duplicate services which are already in place and being utilized by the clients at other agencies.

Our goal is to provide wrap around services to those returning to society and their families so they may regain employment, additional education, and provide food to their family all while learning to navigate through the barriers they may face.

To access services or to volunteer with the program please contact Randi Radosevich, Resource Director, 515.282.8328 Ext 59, or

St. Vincent de Paul will offer a Healthy Relationships course on Monday and Tuesday evenings from 5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.

For the health and safety of staff and those in attendance, classes are currently being held online using Google Meet.

During this course, the instructor will cover 6 pillars including:

  • Goal Setting
  • Avoiding Blame
  • Using Power Listening
  • Changing Behavior, Not Your Partner
  • Conflicts and Disagreements
  • Apologies and Forgiveness.

This class is free of charge and clients will be provided a learning packet.

Those interested can call Kelsey at 515-282-8328 ext. 551 or email at